This week we will look at the importance of the belief in yourself comes first, then the belief in your product/services and how it will help improve your clients’ future!

Secrets to Increasing Belief in Yourself
You must feel the confidence in your strength and personal power to take ownership of you’re the new professional business goals and your life. Ironically enough, most new business executives have a tendency not to reach out to others during their time that they are trying to expand their markets. In fact, it’s a time when they least feel like reaching out, and feel they can do it without help. However, it is important to make that effort now and not isolate yourself. Reaching out to others will help keep your loaded with new business client ideas and energy.
Join a local professional business support group, a church support group, a networking group, or an executive mastermind group, such as Vistage. Ideally, your group should be made up of four to five people with everyone being accountable to one another. Studies show that the corporate business executives who are involved with some type of professional support group secure new business and new markets faster.
Another way to enhance your self-belief is to attend motivational leaders’ teleseminars or coaching sessions. The other option is to find business leaders and mentors that you follow, read their books, and attend their coaching seminars.
Regardless of how you choose to reach out, you must be committed to your business success. You must be determined to let nothing stand in your way. Assess what type of self-limiting beliefs are holding you back and sabotaging your business success.
I’m going to suggest that you go to your local library and get a copy of the book, CD, or DVD, The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. These media contain some wonderful examples of the law of attraction. The Secret personally inspired me during a particularly tough time following the death of my mother.

Achieve Corporate Success by diminishing stress by listening to music
Achieve Corporate Success by diminishing stress by listening to music

The law of attraction works this way: You get what you focus on and believe in, provided you are committed to taking action. There is also The Power, another book similar to The Secret by the same author. While you’re there, check your library for other outstanding motivational books for additional possible readings.
If you’re of the male persuasion, you may need a little extra help in this department. That’s because men’s self-worth/ self-esteem is traditionally tied more to their professional career than women’s. Guys tend to be harder hit by the loss of business and less likely to reach out for help. Remember that you must reach out.
As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t . . . you’re right.”
In essence, we’re really all responsible for our own destiny. No one else is; you are! It’s up to you to drive this business ship. You and you alone are responsible for finding that next great client or market. In this new economy, the more direct ownership you take of the new business process, the faster you’ll land your next great client or market!

Tips on Managing the Fear and Uncertainty
During your new business development, you’ll be challenged by many feelings, such as fear, worry, and uncertainty. You’ll find yourself in a constant struggle with yourself over having a good mental attitude going forward with your newest business venture. .
To emerge the victor, you must establish and maintain confidence in both yourself and your ability to successfully land that new business. Confidence is the most important factor in protecting yourself from the negativity of the competitive business world ups and downs. When you lack confidence, fear and worry will take control. Your new business campaign will be held captive and your momentum will grind to a complete halt.
This is when you have to push the unknown aside and regain your confidence level. One of the easiest techniques for accomplishing this, as I’ve alluded to earlier, is to spend five minutes thinking about what you’re grateful for in your life (e.g., your children, your family members, the beautiful sky outside, the wonderful weather, etc.). Taking the time to remind yourself of the simple abundance that currently exists in your life will help stamp out all the negative forces that are bringing you down.
One needs to stay focused on landing that next great new corporate business client! Study the market place, the competitors and how you can effectively communicate the superior value that your business product or service will provide to this potential new client.

Have a great week and productive week, managing the changes and challenges that are currently going on in your company.
I wish you a wonderfully successful and productive week ahead.

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert
Eleanor Anne Sweet
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