Research has shown that without a positive attitude you will not success.

There will be those reporting to you and those around you who will not be supportive of your goals for success in the organization. Your challenge as a business executive is to create a positive attitude in the organization.

Studies have shown that some people are born blessed to have a naturally optimistic outlook on life. Your challenge is to understand the members in your organization and what their natural tendencies are relative to have an optimistic attitude.

How to Create More Optimism Within Your Management Team

How Full is Your Glass of Water??
How Full is Your Glass of Water??

I have, fortunately, been one of those people for whom the glass is half full. If you are someone who, by nature, sees the glass as half empty, then you will need to work on trying to change your approach to life. Strive to add more optimism to your mindset and outlook. I can guarantee it will do wonders for your business succes.

Alan Loy McGinnis, author and therapist, shares the following twelve characteristics of an optimist in his book The Power of Optimism:

1. Optimists are seldom surprised by trouble.

2. Optimists do not look for partial solutions.

3. Optimists believe they have control over their futures and are not just victims of circumstances.

4. Optimists interrupt their negative trains of thought.

5. Optimists heighten their powers of appreciation.

6. Optimists use their imaginations to rehearse success.

7. Optimists are cheerful even when they cannot be happy.

8. Optimists believe they have an almost unlimited capacity for stretching.

9. Optimists build lots of love into their lives.

10. Optimists like to swap good news.

11. Optimists accept what cannot be changed.

12. Optimists usually allow for regular physical and mental renewal.


McGinnis tells us that studies show optimists excel in school, have better health, make more money, establish long and happy marriages, stay connected to their children, and perhaps even live longer.

What are you waiting for?!

Confirm within your organization which of your members will have an optimistic attitude. These will be the executives that will support your goals and mission for success of your organization.


If you would need professional help in the area of determining whether or not you have optimistic support members on your team, please call us at 847-577-2000, or 1-800-227-5802 to discuss your options on understanding your team more fully in terms of their ability to support and achieve the corporate success you are looking for this year.

Have a great week and productive week, managing the changes and challenges that are currently going on in your company.
I wish you a wonderfully successful and productive week ahead.

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert
Eleanor Anne Sweet
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