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Another confidence-building technique is to carry a gratitude rock with you in your right pocket (or left pocket if you happen to be left-handed). Every time you feel any fear or doubt about your business goals, reach into your pocket and touch the rock. By touching it, you refocus on the positive aspects of your professional and business life that you’re grateful for. As a result, going forward you will find yourself redirected and strong.
Fear breeds doubt and doubt leads to a loss of confidence. It then becomes a vicious cycle. If left unchecked, you will begin a downward spiral that will continue to gain momentum. Suddenly life is overwhelming, and you feel like it’s out of control. This sensation will bring you to an immediate standstill, freezing you from an effective ability to move forward with your new corporate business goals and plans. It also puts a tremendous drain on your energy.
You have the choice to either:

1. Play the denial game, or

2. Go into limbo, or

3. Choose to confront the issue head on by stepping into and managing the fear.

When you confront the fear, you can focus on the immediate situation and get back to working on your great new business goals and business plans.
Fear drains the energy you need for your new business ideas. If you want to gain confidence, work on your new business development plans and restore your energy to maximum level, then you must first confront your fear.
George Addair runs workshops titled “The Road to Freedom Paradigm.” His philosophy is: Everything you want is on the other side of fear. To overcome fear, you must have faith in the outcome.
To rise above your fears and uncertainties, you need to start rebuilding your confidence. Initial steps you should take to do so include:
1. Resolving any unfinished business you may have that is draining your energy—Work on redirecting current negative energy away from your life.
2. Identifying your deeper fears

Corporate Success Thinking TIme...
Corporate Success Thinking TIme…

Schedule some quiet time by yourself to think about:
1. What do you fear most?
2. What do you fear in the future?
3. What do you fear right now?

Sometimes without realizing it, we can sabotage our business results. Reflective thinking in answering these questions should give you clarity. Once you have clearly identified your fears regarding your corporate business goals and plans, you have a tremendous advantage. Now you can design strategies to combat the fears whenever they start creeping up.
Each time one of your fears comes up, start asking yourself the question, “What can I do to overcome this?” You now have a strategic plan to counteract your fear, which will not only help increase your confidence and certainty but also give you a feeling of being back in control. You are taking “the bull by the horns.”
Hold on to your confidence at the height of your fear. Times like this can be one of life’s greatest challenges. With your newfound strength, expect to do well, no matter what situation you’re facing.
Manage and conquer your fear. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
When you are able to keep your fear at bay, you’ll leave behind the majority of your worry and guilt. You’ll then notice a renewed sense of energy.
Understand that confidence grows by doing, not thinking. You need to assess whether what you’re doing for your new business development plans are giving you the results you want. You need to ask yourself, “Is there something I should be changing?” Sometimes change is difficult but necessary. Also understand that procrastination is a way of staying stuck. It keeps you from driving your new business development campaign. Remember to take action on a daily basis.
What actions are you going to take today that will have a positive impact on your new corporate business ideas you have?
Now is the time to embrace change—change regarding yourself, change regarding how you are approaching yourself, change regarding how you’re approaching your new business plans and ideas. Take a second look and explore any additional unique talents you may have that you’re not communicating or utilizing at this time that could assist you in getting closer to your business goal.
Take one day at a time, make one decision at a time, and accomplish one result at a time.
Confidence comes from combining a positive attitude with positive action. You are in control of both of these aspects of your life. Every day you have the choice to think more positively. You also have the choice to take positive action or not. There is a direct link between your attitude and the choices you ultimately make.

Next week I will take this topic further.

Remember to action daily in terms of getting toward that new corporate business development plan and goal you have. You want to be going forward strategically, not just reacting to the competition or market place conditions.

Have a great week and productive week, managing the changes and challenges that are currently going on in your company.
I wish you a wonderfully successful and productive week ahead.

Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert

Eleanor Anne Sweet Corporate Success Expert
Eleanor Anne Sweet
Corporate Success Expert

Eleanor Anne Sweet
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