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  • Learn the 3 Most Important Leadership Skills and more...

    Recipe to Leadership Success: 1. Really know your employees as people personally, 2. Communicate your vision clearly, and 3. Be able to genuinely touch their hearts.

  • How to Save Money and Run a More Efficient Organization

    Investing in a team that works stronger together is good ROI for your organization. Learn more…

  • How to Engage a Stronger Customer Service Team

    Be the top in customer service in your industry with simple steps to implement now.

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We were very impressed with the depth of your knowledge and research on what characteristics are common among successful leaders, and it’s clear that you are certainly in that realm.  Your passion for education and knowledge was apparent.  Your anecdotal and personal stories related to the topic were insightful and entertaining.

It was an extremely well-conceived, well-organized and effective program.  You are an accomplished speaker.  We look forward to working with you on future programs. We are proud to have you as one of our BACC members and mentors! Thanks again.

Suzanne Corr - President
Suzanne Corr - President BACC

"Eleanor Sweet is the epitome of professionalism and results. When she makes a promise, she follows through. Her industry knowledge and expertise make her a valuable partner.  Her training is first class and I can without hesitation highly recommend them. Give her a call today. You won't regret it!"

Gail Baker
Gail Baker Valuable Partner!

"She is communicative and available but always honest and upfront with her clients. She is an excellent coach, and consultant.

I found her to conduct her practice with the utmost integrity. She is always at the top of her profession and a pleasure to work with!"

Dan S.
Dan S. Excellent Coach!

"I've know Eleanor for many years.  She's not only a subject matter expert, but also applies what she teaches to real life situations. She has a tremendous amount of integrity and is driven to achieve great results for all of her clients. You would be crazy not to consider her for your needs. She has deep knowledge and is extremely networked in with many people. Please take the time to get to know Eleanor and what she can do for you. I guarantee you won't be sorry. "

Rick Steinbrenner
Rick Steinbrenner Great Results!