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Nationally recognized speaker, trainer and author, Eleanor Anne Sweet is one of the national authorities in the field of  how to create relationship leadership advantages within your organization and successfully apply to your customer base.
Through her customized success systems, Eleanor teaches business, sales and not-for-profit organizations how to turbo charge their existing business, to the next level!
Eleanor is a know to be a straight shooter, that always "tell like it is", is no nonsense, and definiitely a "Rock n Roll" lady with her proven powerful ideas that can be applied immediately to turbo charge your organization!
Eleanor equips attendees with easy to impliment tools, support materials and backup resources for everyone to use right away!

Eleanor’s Most Requested Programs:

  • 5 Leadership Skills Needed in 2020
  • Leading to Success – The Female Advantage
  • 5 Steps Guaranteed to Increase Your Fundraising – Fundraising on Steroids
  • 5 Steps Guaranteed to Land MORE New Business in 2020
  • How to Deal with Difficult People and Still be Productive!
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team - Secrets to a Stronger Team!

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